Nermin Jasani, Esq., as seen in: 

There’s the long arm of the law, and then there’s the long-ass list of stuff you’ve got to do to run your law firm

Quit firefighting. Start CEO-ing. Law firm support for female lawyers and women-owned law firms.


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I’ve got that missing puzzle piece you need. Let me be the business side to your lefty-legal brain.

If you’re a female lawyer who appreciates leaving the office on time everyday, winning back wasted admin hours, and setting up a wildly successful strategy for your law firm, then you need me.


You get so busy doing the law thing that you neglect the business bit.

And here’s where it stings the most: you think you’re making money, but then you realize, oh wait, I didn’t actually make any money.


  • You need to understand and adopt good business practice and processes.
  • You need to learn from someone who is a lawyer and understands what being a lawyer is like.
  • You need to zero-in on what’s actually required for you to be wildly successful.

Not sure? Text Nermin via the chat in the bottom right.

Want to work together? Great! Here’s how we can:

$20 & 20 Minutes

This is exactly what it sounds like. It includes templates, forms, guides, etc. Each costs only $20 and takes only 20 minutes to learn + implement. This is for you especially if you’re in the “Oh, but I’m too busy” camp.


Books & Manuals

I make technology recommendations and share advice on how to grow your law firm (pdf, downloadable, read it on your favorite device). 

1:1 Services

We can work together 1:1 to get better clients for your law firm, increase your law firm rates and fees, or work on your all-star law firm team.

What does being wildly successful mean to you?

A word from Nermin Jasani, Esq.


The law is for everyone, but every lawyer’s case is unique. That’s how I see building your law firm with you.

Every business is different. Every law firm is different.

Every lawyer I work with has a different idea of being wildly successful. I’ll uncover that with you through the services that I offer.

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