Even Wonder Woman would not be able to cope with these annoying tasks of law firm administration, so law firm automation is required

That's why you automate.
Midnight Mind Races

When the world quiets down, your mind doesn’t. Lying awake, you review the day’s tasks and the ones you’ve pushed to tomorrow. The stress disrupts your sleep, leaving you exhausted before the morning alarm even sounds.

Weekend Work Sprints

Weekends should be sacred family time or for self-care. Instead, they’re marathons of catching up on paperwork, sending invoices, and preparing for the week ahead, draining you before the next week even begins.

Task Tetris

Juggling client work with admin tasks is like playing a never-ending game of Tetris, where the blocks are emails, contract edits, and scheduling conflicts, each demanding to be fitted into an already overcrowded day.

Busy lawyer efficiently managing legal cases
I see you. And I know this isn’t what you signed up for.


Law firm ownership promised a balancing act, but not with your family in one hand and endless tasks in the other — all while trying to keep pace on life’s treadmill.

The law firm gurus have somehow convinced you that this is what “having it all” looks like. Or that you should strive to have it all. But they’re wrong


 P.S. This is not productivity.


Slice admin costs by 50%

Yeah, that’s not an exaggeration. You read that right. What will you do with all that energy you’re going to get back?

increase your revenue

Free your team so they can focus on revenue-generating tasks: client appreciation events or speaking engagements.

eliminate human errors

We’re human. We forget to do things, even if there is a big sticky-note reminder. Leverage technology to do all those forgotten tasks.

get back to loving the law

My clients love being lawyers. What they don’t love is the endless to do list. Automate those tasks so you can focus on the law.

I’m a mom of 3, and run a successful law firm. I was tired of tasks falling through the cracks (like my kids Cheerios in my van).

Being a law firm owner is not for the faint of heart. And being a mom AND a law firm owner is TOUGH on it’s best days.  I was running from Court to Consults, to after school pick up. My days were jam packed with client meetings and client work, with kids doctors appointments in between. I had been doing this for years, and then a colleague connected me to Nermin. Now, I take Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons, I stopped working with those PITA clients thanks to Nermin’s intake form and my system automatically follows up with leads for SIX MONTHS. As a family attorney, I never worry about “losing a client” because of Nermin’s automations.

Solo family law firm owner

Hey, Counselor, take a look at Exhibit A: Your automated future.
following up with potential new clients

With my new process, we’ll use technology to capture those new phone calls or email inquiries into your office from potential new clients. No lead will be lost or forgotten.

Client work

Client work begins by automating the tasks that come from each case or petition type. If you’ve never automated tasks, this is going to blow your mind.


structured consult process for your firm

The consult is not where you “sell yourself” rather it’s where the client confirms they want to work with you. We use technology to automate emails to warm up consults.


When you’re offboarding a client, you’ve probably told yourself or your team “make sure you ask for a review.” So, how many reviews do you have? If it’s not 20 for every year in practice, you’re doing it wrong.

onboarding of new clients

Ever had a new client where you onboard them in 3 clicks? Contract sent. Payment information collection for auto-recharge monthly. And a welcome meeting. 

follow up

Your past clients are the best sources of new business for you (sorry, SEO and FB ads). We build a system to follow up with them, for years after they’ve paid you and worked with you. It’s not magic, it’s smart business.

I believe in transparent pricing. Automate your law firm starts at $8,500. The final price will be sent to you after our 30-minute in depth call.

If you’re worried about what I cost, but think about how much money I KNOW you’re wasting in your law firm every year.

$30,000 – Wasted every year on admin tasks you shouldn’t be doing

$20,000 – Lost revenue from potential new clients whom you forgot to follow up with

$15,000 – Down the drain each year because your team is inefficient

$15,000 – Missed income from past clients whom you didn’t ask for a review or referral

These numbers are conservative estimates. The real number would scare you.

Want to kiss those midnight emails and post-it notes goodbye?

1. Click below to answer 5 questions about your law firm right now (tell the time monster in your head it’ll only take 60 seconds)

2. I’ll review your responses and send you a link to schedule a 30-minute in depth conversation about your team struggles.

3. No decisions are ever made on this call. We both take some space to see if this is the right fit.

Simple and easy.


I have a team of 10. All trained and qualified. And every night I was at the office late, sending out contracts.

I was constantly checking Asana to see what tasks were completed, and what wasn’t. Only to find that most tasks weren’t even done. I was starting to do the legal work for clients who hadn’t paid yet, because my team hadn’t followed up on payment. I know that it’s because we weren’t organized on how and when we started the legal work. Now, after automating, unless my team gets a payment confirmation, we do not start any client work. This ONE thing has saved me and my team so much time and stress.

Estate planning law firm owner

Automate your law firm is what you’ve been praying for.


More hours sleeping


Less Stress


More time for you