Boosting Law Firm Success through Positive Client Selection

As law firm owners and lawyers owners, we recognize that we can’t, and frankly, shouldn’t try to serve every prospective client who comes our way. It’s essential to have a certain level of selectivity. That comes with acknowledging the power of ‘No’, not only from our side but also when we hear it from potential […]

Your top KPI questions answered to help you grow your law firm this year

In today’s discussion, we’ll delve into some common queries that came up after my recent talk on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for solo attorneys. These questions provide an excellent prelude to the upcoming episodes and emails. So if you haven’t yet subscribed to our email newsletter, do so right away. I guarantee, the wealth of knowledge […]

Avoid These Mistakes Immediately for Your Law Firm’s Growth: A Comprehensive Guide

Today we address five critical mistakes law firm owners often make that hinder their growth and profitability. The inspiration for this episode? Multiple inquiries from numerous law firm owners regarding ways to expand their practice. I’ve seen many fail to implement the necessary changes, which is why we’re having this conversation today. So, let’s unearth the […]

Why you shouldnt low-ball your lawyer hourly rate or attorney fees

How does your location effect your billable rate? I’m going to be honest with you, this is the most important factor. There’s three categories that I’ve created for figuring out how the city that you live in affects your rates. Tier one cities, these are the most expensive cities to live in. I want you to look […]

Lifetime clients: The law firm lottery

Example of a lifetime client for a family law office Let me paint you a picture: consider a doctor who requires your legal expertise for their divorce in 2023. Fast-forward to the next year, and they need your help with a child custody modification. Then, in 2025, they’re remarrying and need your collaboration for a […]

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