New Client Intake Form for your Family Practice Law Firm

Stop Googling for the perfect client intake form for your family practice law firm. Get the proven intake form to help you grow your law firm created by law firm strategist Nermin Jasani, Esq.


I make family practice law firms profitable and wildly successful. Using the right Intake form for your family law practice will help you cut costs and focus on the right clients. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. ↓

The 5 Most Significant Benefits of Having the Right Intake Form for

Your Family Practice Law Firm

Whatever your current family practice law firm revenue, no matter how many years you have been in practice, your intake form is a secret revenue driver that most people don’t talk about and worse, don’t have.

It tells you where your clients are coming from, so you stop wasting money on marketing that’s not bringing in clients. Is it IG, SEO? You’ll find out this way.

It tells you what your clients are hiring you for in buckets (e.g., 30% divorce, 60% child custody, 10% prenup)

It identifies red flag clients for you, so you don’t work with them and later make you and your team miserable.

It will ensure the clients you hire can afford your services (no more chasing down unpaid invoices)

It shows growth numbers about your law firm that your legal practice management software can’t.

 This Intake Form also Includes the Following Resources for your

Family Practice Law Firm:

TWO digital intake forms, one for you and one for your answering service

A document that helps you understand how to implement this Intake Form with you and your answering service

A data tracker built in Airtable (Free) that tracks all of your calls to consult to clients, so you know where to improve.

This intake form is custom for your family law firm and asks questions specific for family law attorneys

Got 20 Minutes and $20? Here’s a Quick Preview of the Intake form for New clients for Your Family Law Firm

3 Reasons Why you Need this Customized Intake Form Now to Grow your Family Law Practice in 2023

You can’t ask other lawyer colleagues to share their intake form because theirs probably sucks.

You don’t have time to spend hours on Google, reading articles on the right intake form.

You don’t have to suffer from the hours of trial + error to grow your law firm.

Here’s how to buy the Intake Form for your Family Law Firm

FAQ’s about the family law firm intake form

Why is this only $20?

It’s $20 because every single law firm needs this, and I didn’t want to charge $200 or $2,000 and that would prevent you from using this. 

How quickly will I get this document?

The second you purchase this, my digital fairies will email you a 4-page PDF document that has the explanation, how-to, and link to digital forms. 

I'm not sure if I need this.

Trust me. You need this. It’s one of the most important things I emphasize with my law firm clients. 

What if it sucks?

100% money-back guarantee. Email me, and I’ll refund you. 

How long will this take?

20 minutes. Focus for 20 minutes, set a timer, and you’ll be done with the document and have watched the how-to video on using the forms. 20 minutes, that’s it. Trust me, you have 20 minutes.

About Nermin Jasani, Esq.

I’m a Wall Street lawyer, turned law firm owner, now strategist and consultant for small and solo women owned law firms.

I’m tired of hearing the SAME BAD advice from the same old, stodgy guys. We’re in a new era of law firm practice management and burning out behind difficult clients is a thing of the past.

Running your law firm has to enable you to have a good lifestyle. All of the pieces in your business need to work together: marketing, invoicing, hiring, operations.

I use numbers and business principles to help you grow your business, not hacks, not gimmicks, not bright shiny ideas that only work for the .1%

I want to see you win and be wildly successful.