Decision Making 101 to stop you from Analysis Paralysis

Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and know your decisions were RIGHT?


I will help you cut through the mental chatter and teach you a framework to help you make important life decisions faster than ordering your favorite Starbucks drink. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. ↓

Why decision-making causes analysis paralysis 

No matter who you are or what you do professionally, you make hundreds of decisions every single day.

There are too many options to choose from and you don’t know which will leave you “best” off.

There’s a tremendous amount of risk when making a decision, (especially the risk of making the wrong decision).

We are bombarded with at least 35,000 choices to make each day and the sheer volume overwhelms our brains.

We were never taught how to make decisions in school (undergrad, or grad school).

We live in a time where there is so much information about each option, that we spend more time researching instead of deciding.

What you didn’t know about decision-making that will get you off the fence when you buy this framework

Not all decisions need to be made by you (it seems obvious but most high-earners and high-achievers don’t realize this, until you shout it about 100 times).

Not all decisions need to be made now (often your brain stresses out about making decisions that you don’t need to decide now, but you don’t realize this until you’ve spent hours on a Google goose chase

Most decisions are reversible (you can get married, and unmarried, you can buy a house and sell it). I’m not saying decisions don’t have consequences, but what I am saying is that they don’t have to last forever and ever (this isn’t a Disney fairytale with a prince and a lost shoe).

The traditional way of making decisions doesn’t work and here’s why

Worst Case Scenario Thinking

You will ask this question immediately when faced with making a decision: what’s the worst case if I do/don’t do this decision? This should be the last step in the process. Not the first step or even the only question that’s asked during the decision-making process.

Evaluate the alternatives

I can take the job in Florida, or stay where I am, or move to France and start a pastry shop or – The alternatives are endless, and making decisions based solely on alternatives is faulty logic.

Keep gathering information

Most people will never ask “do I have 70% of the information I need to make this decision?” Instead, they’ll keep researching, listening to more podcasts or asking friends instead of pausing the research to realize: no decision is guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction and 0% remorse.

Outsource the decision

In the social media frenzy, I see people making fewer decisions that are right for them and their values. I see crowdsourcing and outsourcing of decisions. But this doesn’t work because you have to make the right decision for your life, not the life of internet strangers or even your parents.

Got 20 Minutes and $20? Here’s a Quick Preview of the Decision-Making 101 Guide and Framework

3 Reasons why you need this decision making matrix now

You want to trust yourself and know that your decisions are right for you and fit with the life you want to live.

You don’t want to go on endless Google goose chase. Instead, save your time and brain energy.

You don’t need to live with your decisions in life as a series of trial and error. You can make decisions without suffering through wrong choices.

Here’s how to buy the Decision Making Framework and Guide

FAQ’s about the Decision Making Framework and Guide

Why is this only $20?

It’s $20 because everyone needs this, and I didn’t want to charge $200 or $2,000, which would prevent you from buying this.

How quickly will I get this document?

The second you purchase this, my digital fairies will email you a PDF document with the explanation, how-to, and decision-making templates.

I'm not sure if I need this.

Think about a time when you didn’t make a decision, and then the opportunity went away. Do you still kick yourself about it today?

Trust me. You need this.

What if it sucks?

100% money-back guarantee. Email me, and I’ll refund you.

How long will this take?

20 minutes. Focus for 20 minutes, set a timer, and you’ll be done with the document. 20 minutes, that’s it. Trust me; you have 20 minutes.

About Nermin Jasani, Esq.

I’m a Wall Street lawyer, turned law firm owner, now strategist and consultant for small and solo women owned law firms.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who are all high achievers and high earners. What I see time and time again is the bottlenecks in business and the anxiety when it comes to making a decision. 

My clients are highly educated but didn’t learn how to make decisions until now.

I abhor gimmicks and hacks. I believe in fundamentals and principles. This decision-making framework and guide will be the underpinning of helping you make better decisions fast.

I want to see you win and be wildly successful.