Ethics Statement

I am a consultant for women owned law firms. I do this because I have worked with several consultants and coaches who can never deliver results and give consultants like me a bad rap. I believe that ethics in the consulting industry for lawyers has eroded over the years.

I am a consultant now because being a lawyer and law firm owner is something I struggled with. I kept following gimmicky advice from pretend gurus, instead of trusting my gut. I believe that respect is something that cannot be bought or sold, so I’m careful about who I affiliate with.

If you join my newsletter, please know that I will not:

  • Use testimonials to convince you to work with me.
  • Hire someone else to write this newsletter.
  • Take your email and share with another service provider.
  • Share advice that I don’t follow myself.

Disclosure on my revenue sources:

  • I am a consultant who works with doctors and lawyers. I charge a fee for my services and this provides a majority of my revenue.
  • I sell books about being a Type A personality, law firm growth, law firm technology, and there will be more to come in the future.

My ethics concerns and what I have done about them:

  • In 2018-2022 I had a course for law firm owners that I was selling. After creating the course and selling it, I learned about the stats from the world of online courses. There’s a 15% completion rate. This means that people who are creating courses KNOW that it doesn’t work. My course had a 85% completion rate but it didn’t feel right selling it without providing additional support to attorneys. I may create a course again, but only if I am able to provide the support required for completion.
  • In 2021-2022 I tried to run a few group programs for lawyers, and I felt like it was an unsuccessful mission. I couldn’t provide the 1:1 support I was used to and it felt like I was short-changing attorneys. So I stopped until I could figure out a better way to provide results that I could be proud of.
  • In 2021, I made the shift to work with only women owned and minority owned law firms and lawyers. This is a personal choice and one that I stand by.
  • In 2022, I was part of a national networking group and had other people join. Toward the end of 2022, I left this networking group because of concerns I had. I will not be joining another networking group.
  • In 2023, I introduced sliding scale payment options for lawyers who earn less than $200,000 in revenue from their law firms. I disclose that on my website and believe in transparent pricing for my services.
    I don’t offer anything for free: this includes guides, one-pagers, check-lists, etc. The reason is because you have no skin in the game. I do offer a podcast and youtube channel with free advice because there is horrible amounts of bad advice out there and it’s time for foundational advice.