Get Better Clients for your Law Firm

Marketing schmarketing. You know you need it, but how do you do it? And how do you know you’re doing it right?


I make law firms profitable and wildly successful. I do this by implementing the right marketing strategy that is unique to your law firm. No cookie-cutter strategy here (besides, you could DIY that with a few YouTube videos).

What exactly is Get Better Clients with Nermin?

Wherever you are in your law firm, you can’t stop marketing because you don’t know where the next client will come from. Consistent marketing is the key to law firm growth.

9 Zoom calls over 5 months

In-depth analysis to see where your past clients came from.

Build out your revenue-generating client models. (No more vampire clients.)

Financial projections to make sure your marketing strategy hits your financial goals.

A marketing strategy for 12 months that is custom to you (and one you actually enjoy doing.)

How will this help me get better clients for my law firm?

Marketing companies have sold you on needing to spend money to market (shame on them!) 

You need a consistent marketing strategy that attracts good, high-quality, paying clients. NOT more phone calls. (You have to hire intake specialists, who don’t speak your language).

In Get Better Clients, I develop a marketing strategy that connects your fees, branding, and your law firm’s past paying clients, together. (It’s like playing Chess and Connect 4, simultaneously).

No other marketing company or consultant does this. Trust me, I know.

I know it’s hard to trust me when so many other consultants, coaches, and experts have lied to you.

Let’s go slow. Listen to my podcast. Download one of my books. There’s no pressure to work together. Now, or ever.

If it’s not a hell yes to work together, then it’s a no. 

Find some time to talk to me 1:1 to see if Get Beter Clients is a good fit for you.

3 Reasons why you should consider Get Better Clients with Nermin

You can’t find these answers in a Facebook group of your law firm owner peers (or strangers).

You don’t have time to spend hours on Google, testing out suggestions from fake experts

You don’t have to suffer from the hours of trial + error to grow your law firm.

Ready? Here’s the next step.

About Nermin Jasani, Esq.

I’m a Wall Street lawyer, turned law firm owner, now strategist and consultant for small and solo women owned law firms.

I’m tired of hearing the SAME BAD advice from the same old, stodgy guys. We’re in a new era of law firm practice management with technology, clients who want price transparency and a virtual world of hybrid work.

Running your law firm has to enable you to have a good lifestyle. All of the pieces in your business need to work together: marketing, invoicing, hiring, operations.

I use numbers and business principles to help you grow your business, not hacks, not gimmicks, not bright shiny ideas that only work for the .1%

I want to see you win and be wildly successful.