Law Firm Owner or Glorified Babysitter?

Communication breakdowns

As your team grows, it’s impossible to keep up with who’s doing what, and when. Enter slack messages, emails, and post-it note piles. It’s all too much noise. 


training troubles

Rapid growth can sometimes mean you don’t have time to train new employees, causing client complaints. Meaning, you end up doing the work you hired people to do.

Delegation Difficulties

You’re struggling with delegation, either holding onto tasks you should pass on or assigning tasks to team members who aren’t best suited for them.


Law firm growth is great

But when your team sounds more off-key than your shower singing, it’s time for a team intervention.


Team Structure Blueprint

This isn’t just about having more people. It’s about having the right people.

Transparent KPIs

Every team member knows their role, eliminating the “that’s not my job” syndrome.

Expert Diagnosis

By pinpointing the root issues rather than just symptoms, you avoid wasted resources on “quick fixes.”

Architectural plan for law firm expansion

I was hiring people, yet still doing the work. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong until I hired Nermin.

In the first session with Nermin, we mapped out my current law firm structure. had other partners and an office manager, and a COO, but no one knew who to go to, so everyone would come to me.Visually seeing how everyone was coming to me with every problem they had helped me understand why I was still in the weeds and unable to hit our revenue targets. I Nermin helped me create a new organizational structure that allowed me to focus on my growth tasks, while delegating everything else, along with a process for delegation so I wouldn’t be constantly bombarded with questions.

30-person business law firm

Remember, a great team doesn’t just happen. It’s built. Let’s build yours.


Better communication not only resolves current misunderstandings but also prevents future conflicts, fostering a collaborative and innovative work culture.

Objective perspective

Cutting through office politics and ingrained habits, illuminating blind spots you might have missed, leading to more informed decisions.


long-term growth

Proper scaling strategies ensure that as the firm grows, it retains its core values and quality standards, ensuring its longevity and industry dominance.

knowledge transfer

Fresh methodolgies are part of this process and making sure they not only fit your firm, but that it positions you as a leader over your competitors.

Risk mitigation

By proactively addressing team risks, the firm safeguards its reputation, avoids costly team mistakes, and ensures smoother business operations.


Not just for you, but for your team. To make sure that the team is hitting the overall company growth goals and maintaining your reputation.

My promise to you: I play the “bad cop” so you can be the hero for your team.

Experienced Lawyer Perspective

My background as a lawyer means I intimately understand the nuances, pressures, and intricacies of running a law firm. This blend of experience ensures strategies rooted in real-world legal practice.

1:1 Personalized Approach

I’m not offering generic advice. My commitment to one-on-one work means each solution for each team is custom-fitted to the specific needs, challenges, and your goals as the law firm owner.

Strategic Growth focus and implementation

It’s not about fixing current team problems, only. I’m focused on the long game, helping you scale your teams and business in a sustainable manner that sets you up for continued success.  

Ready to stop juggling your roles as a law firm owner?

1. Click below to answer 5 questions about your law firm right now (tell the time monster in your head it’ll only take 60 seconds)

2. I’ll review your responses and send you a link to schedule a 30-minute in depth conversation about your team struggles.

3. No decisions are ever made on this call. We both take some space to see if this is the right fit.

Simple and easy.


I believe in transparent pricing. Team SOS starts at $5,000. The final price will be sent to you after our 30-minute in depth call.
Role Clarity & Accountability Metrics:

Beyond just a standard organizational chart, I’d want clear descriptions of each team member’s role and responsibilities. How does their role contribute to the firm’s success? What are their specific accountabilities, and how will they be measured?

Effective Communication Framework

How should team members communicate? What tools or platforms should be used for what purposes? Establish guidelines for effective communication, ensuring the right balance between formal meetings, informal check-ins, and digital communications.

Training & Onboarding Blueprint:

For any new hires or role transitions, there should be a comprehensive onboarding plan. This would ensure every team member is equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their role.

How much is your peace of mind worth?

How about the cost of the stress? And the cost of the time away from your family? And that expensive team you have (where you’re still doing the work yourself). Probably more than whatever I charge for Team SOS. TIMES TWO.

Don’t be that law firm owner.

I’ve hired leadership coaches before, but Nermin’s approach with my team was different.

She set out a list of KPIs and monthly targets for every team member so we could stay on task and actually grow. Having those KPIs was crucial because it was built off of my revenue goal, and each team member finally understood how much they needed to do so that we could collectively hit our goals. Having those KPIs also helped me see: who were my stars, and who needed a little more support.

15-person personal injury law firm