Stop the trial and error with tech tools for your law firm. These are the only tools you need to run a profitable, wildly successful law firm in 2023.


Running a law firm in 2023 is easier with these tools. Here are the top tech tools I not only recommend, but implement for law firms.

Running a law firm in 2023 means you have to be virtual

And Zoom is not the only tool you need to practice law in 2023. I’m sharing the tools you need for:

Client communication to save hours of time.

Contract signing that doesn’t break the bank, or break you when setting it up.

Data analysis in your law firm so you can grow and not be stuck.

Management of team tasks NOT through email.

Tools to help you manage browser tabs and windows on your computer so you’re not clicking around aimlessly.

Having a practice management tool for your law firm is not enough. You need additional tools to save you time in your law firm.


I’ve tested hundreds of platforms and my recommendations will save you hours of effort when you should be working.

Docusign – is terrible and expensive. It’s closer to a fax machine than an online signing portal.

Dubsado – clunky interface and not worth the expense.

ClickUp – I’m tech savvy, but ClickUp is confusing and doesn’t click for me

This honest advice and recommendations is what you can expect form this Tech Manual

Here’s a sneak peak of the Law Firm Tech Manual

Why you need this Law Firm Tech Manual in 2023

You can’t find these answers in a Facebook group or on Google.

You don’t have time to spend hours on testing out different platforms.

You can download my recommended software and get started in minutes.

Here’s how to buy the book

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What’s included

📌16-page PDF guidebook

📌Emailed instantly upon purchase (no need to wait)

📌Links to the tools recommended and videos to help you be more productive in 2023

About Nermin Jasani, Esq.

I’m a Wall Street lawyer, turned law firm owner, now strategist and consultant for small and solo women owned law firms.

I’m tired of hearing the SAME BAD advice from the same old, stodgy guys. We’re in a new era of law firm practice management with technology, clients who want price transparency and a virtual world of hybrid work.

Running your law firm has to enable you to have a good lifestyle. All of the pieces in your business need to work together: marketing, invoicing, hiring, operations.

I use numbers and business principles to help you grow your business, not hacks, not gimmicks, not bright shiny ideas that only work for the .1%

I want to see you win and be wildly successful.