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    A real look at what being a lawyer means – The stuff I talk about in my emails is what you’re scared to talk to your lawyer friends about. It’s real. And it might sting a bit.

    Actionable advice – There’s a lot of advice out there that’s great, but impossible to implement without hiring a team or spending hours trying to figure it out yourself. I’m sharing advice that feels so small it wouldn’t make a difference, but in the end, it changes everything about how you practice and live your life.

    A pulse on the legal world – I’m a lawyer who works with other lawyers and talks to other professionals who work with lawyers (CPAs, coaches, financial planners). I want you to hear what I’m hearing, and make sure you’re not in an echo chamber.

    An independent view point – My opinions are not for sale and they’re anti-hustle culture, and anti-bro-marketing tactics. Everything I share is about principles. You can and should read my ethics statement.


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