Honey, I shrunk the fees!

If this is how you feel after every consult or when you look at your bank,

it’s time for me to show you the money.

i’ve know i should charge more

But everytime I think about increasing my prices, I worry I’ll scare away the clients I work so hard to attract through my marketing.

other law firms aren’t increasing

Their rates. And it’s already such a tight marketing with SEO and PPC. If I charge more than them, I’ll lose those clients.

I suspect there’s a money pit

With my firm, I know I have expenses that are frivolous, but looking at it feels draining, and I wouldn’t know where to start- so I avoid it.

i just can’t seem to find the time

I know it’s important to see where my money goes, but I’m so busy with day-to-day management that I always forget.

No judgment here.

Only juries do that.

It’s normal to be scared to increase your rates or to pull back the curtain on your finances.

My job? To be your sidekick, the Robin to your Batman, the Lasso of Truth to your Wonder Woman.

There’s only two ways to make more money in your law firm. We’re going to pull both of these levers at once to maximize your profits.

Increase your rates

I do a competitive market analysis to ensure your fees are a combination of: 1) your area of practice 2) your years in practice and 3) where you practice.

Then when you feel confident in your rates, you can charge more for your services every year (hey, Starbucks increases its prices every year for those fancy coffee drinks you’re addicted to… you should too.).

Decrease your costs

Let’s strategically cut your expenses.You’d be surprised how many recurring charges are hitting your account each month, that you have no idea about. These are easy to cut.

Or if you’re investing in some form of marketing that isn’t bringing in new clients, we can cut that. Money saved = bigger pockets for you.

It’s not you, it’s your fees

“I dreaded potential new clients saying this to me during a great consult. To go through all that effort to have them call in, schedule and pay for a consult and then have my fees be too high..I was worried they would hire the law firm down the street. I knew deep down my services and skills as an attorney were in a specific niche, but I just couldn’t justify increasing my fees without Nermin’s help. In the first session, we worked on increasing my rates for just one Petition. By the fourth session, I had increased all of my fees and hit my highest revenue year.

Immigration law firm owner

My promise to you

With Show Me the Money, my ultimate goal and promise to you is that you will be as profitable as possible, make as much money as possible, and KEEP as much money as possible in your law firm. You worked incredibly hard to get through law school, suffered through terrible bosses, to finally make it on your own. Now let’s make it stick.

Even after we work together, I will check in for 6 months to make sure you are charging your new fees and we’ll review your monthly finances.

During our first four months, we will meet 2 times each month to establish your new prices, roll it out to your team, potential new clients, and current clients. Simultaneously, we will comb through your monthly finances to make sure that as you make more money, you’re not spending more money.

you’re not alone

I’m with you every step of the way. From creating your pricing table and payment plan options to going through your bank statement line by line. You’re never alone in this process.

growth surge

By pulling both the levers to grow your law firm at once – an increase in fees along with cutting costs, you’ll see the biggest growth to your law firm’s bottom line.

data & decisions

I’ll equip you with the data even after we’re done working together so you can always make decisions for your firm based on factual information and not fear or scaracity.

peace of mind

In the first few sessions, you’re going to start feeling more in control of your firm’s finances than you have before. By the time we’re done, you’ll have peace of mind about your firm’s future.

I believe in transparent pricing. Show Me The Money starts at $7,500. The final price will be sent to you after our 30-minute in depth call.

I had no idea where I was spending money

“I knew my firm had some expenses that I wasn’t paying attention to. I figured I would get it to it ‘one day.’ It wasn’t a priority because we were making money. And not a little money. A lot of money. Then I saw one of Nermin’s YouTube videos and reached out. We started working together and in the first month I cut my expenses by 15%, almost $4,500.  I wanted to bring on an experienced associate that before Nermin, I could’t afford. I hired a new associate and they took over most of my cases so I could focus on growing the practice, and not being swallowed up by the day-to-day.



You can’t pray or wish your way to profitability

Ask yourself: what’s it really worth to you?

It’s not about increasing fees – it’s about reclaiming your time.

It’s not about cutting expenses – it’s about rekindling passion for the law.

1. Click below to answer 5 questions about your law firm right now (tell the time monster in your head it’ll only take 60 seconds)

2. I’ll review your responses and send you a link to schedule a 30-minute in depth conversation about your team struggles.

3. No decisions are ever made on this call. We both take some space to see if this is the right fit.

Simple and easy.

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