Sound boarding with Nermin to Grow your Law Firm

Stop Googling for answers about your law firm. Get your questions answered weekly with law firm strategist Nermin Jasani, Esq.


I make law firms profitable and wildly successful. Sound boarding sessions are for lawyers who don’t have time for full-on consulting but need answers from an expert about their law firm.

What exactly is Sound boarding with Nermin?

Wherever you are in your law firm, you are tired of making decisions independently. You know you would love to run your questions past someone who can help advise you strategically.

Each week, you can ask me 1-3 questions about your law firm.

I will respond in 3-5 business days with my professional advice.

You’ll get an email every Monday with a form to ask questions.

You get a client portal where you can see my answers.

You have lifetime access to the client portal, and to the questions I answered.

Want to take a sneak peek behind Sound boarding with Nermin? (Watch below)

This service is ideal for non-urgent questions about your law firm, like:

Another attorney approached me about a beneficial referral arrangement. What do you think?

Should I go virtual? I’m thinking about giving up my office lease.

I’m struggling with a client that hasn’t paid. They’re a big client, and I know they will pay. But they’re taking so long. What can I do?

This is not the format for questions like:

X What should I charge? (This takes a full analysis based on location, practice area, years in practice. Check out Figure out your fees if you are interested in this.)

X Should I spend my money on XYZ Marketing? (I offer something called Get Better clients, which is a better fit for this)

X I want to open a second practice location. What do you think? (General consulting is a better fit for this)

3 Reasons why you should consider sound boarding with Nermin

You can’t find these answers in a Facebook group of your law firm owner peers (or strangers).

You don’t have time to spend hours on Google, testing out suggestions from fake experts

You don’t have to suffer from the hours of trial + error to grow your law firm.

Here’s how to work together for sound boarding:

About Nermin Jasani, Esq.

I’m a Wall Street lawyer, turned law firm owner, now strategist and consultant for small and solo women owned law firms.

I’m tired of hearing the SAME BAD advice from the same old, stodgy guys. We’re in a new era of law firm practice management with technology, clients who want price transparency and a virtual world of hybrid work.

Running your law firm has to enable you to have a good lifestyle. All of the pieces in your business need to work together: marketing, invoicing, hiring, operations.

I use numbers and business principles to help you grow your business, not hacks, not gimmicks, not bright shiny ideas that only work for the .1%

I want to see you win and be wildly successful.