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million dollar law firms

In this episode, I talk about how business immigration, estate planning, real estate, family, personal injury, and other law firms specifically can hit the $1 million + mark.

gifting 101 to get more clients

In this episode, I talk about the art of gifting and how giving gifts helps you get more clients (and is significantly cheaper than SEO or PPC).

why flat fees are more profitable

In this episode, I talk about flat fees and how they are more profitable for solo and small law firm owners. Making the leap is scary, but totally worthwhile.

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An anti-social media marketing guide

Law firm SEO in 2023: Is it worth it?

How much should a law firm spend on marketing?

How to start a law firm newsletter that people want to read


10 Tips to Tackle Your Inbox 

The #1 Tool  to Schedule Appointments

My #1 Strategy to Convert Quality Law Firm Leads

4 Tools to be More Productive in Your Law Firm


Can a consultant help me scale?

4 of the most popular law firm models

Why you shouldn’t low-ball your hourly rate as a lawyer

 3 Law firm KPIs you should be tracking every month

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Links mentioned: In this episode, Nermin Jasani shares her favorite social media platforms for lawyers based on your practice area. This is especially helpful if you practice: immigration law, family law, criminal law, business law, or estate planning.
Key Takeaways: 1. Positive client selection is crucial for a law firm’s success. By assessing clients during the consultation process, you can identify the right fit for your firm and avoid unnecessary difficulties. 2. Automation is key. Establish automated follow-up processes to engage with qualified leads who are not yet ready to make a decision....
This week, we dive deep into a topic that sparks many questions and concerns among legal professionals – debt. In our latest episode, Nermin Jasani, and special guest, financial coach Rho Thomas, unravel the complexities of lawyers’ finances. From understanding debt to strategizing investments, we’ve got you covered! Not all debt is created equal, and...
The episode outlines three key strategies for law firm owners to boost income and profitability: 1) Increase fees to reflect the quality and value of services, 2) Enhance cash flow by reevaluating and optimizing payment plans offered to clients, and 3) Implement modern billing and collection systems to improve efficiency, transparency, and client satisfaction. These...
In this episode of the podcast, I answer your most common questions about KPIs for lawyers, including the KPIs for measuring growth, how to build KPIs and still keep your customer experience as A+, and why you need to be growing in your law firm every year. Join the Newsletter: Buy the Lawyer’s 2024...
🌟 What does success mean to you? Host, Nermin Jasani, reflects on personal and professional goals for 2024 in the latest podcast episode. Join me as we delve into the rich discussion with key takeaways and thought-provoking insights! 🎧 #LawFirmSuccess #PersonalGrowth 💼 For law firm owners, traditional definitions of success often revolve around external benchmarks...
Remember to join the newsletter for the end of year give aways: 06:10 Networking is essential for solo and high-earning attorneys’ success. 10:44 Networking group brings mentorship, learning, and revenue. 16:30 Research networking groups before joining them. 20:21 Effective, efficient phone calls for productive networking meetings. 24:27 Effective communication involves professional and personal touch....
Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get free stuff: 01:58 Perfect lifetime client: rare, valuable, multiple engagements. 05:57 Client diversification is crucial for sustainability. 07:00 Need lifetime and onetime client diversity. 13:36 Building client loyalty: gifting and appreciation events. 14:41 Team forgets, execute strategy. Appreciation events connect clients. Reach out, give...
Links: 📌 Giveaway Lawyers, Don’t Say This- only until Nov 24, 2023 – 📌 Email me if you’re interesting in marketing accountability – Yes – you heard it here. Your Marketing is poop. In this episode I’m taking you through: 1) Every kind of marketing you can do in your law firm 2)...
Hello law firm owners – this will be a visually intense episode. Please make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter – – scroll down and you can opt in there if you’re not. In this episode I’m talking about the importance of a case roadmap for your clients before they pay you, while...